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Imagine what you could create if you left judgment behind and listened to your heart.

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I began my art journey in 2016. I studied art and collage with established artists and then started experimenting with an infinite palette of translucent papers. I developed a layering process that enables me to achieve translucence and depth in my work that reveals spirit in all its glowing, inspired, and enchanted beauty. I create artwork that represents my spiritual connection with the Earth and the mystical beauty that surrounds us.

Always intuitive and empathic, I explored and refined my psychic abilities with classes at the Enlightened Soul Center. These experiences brought a new understanding of how spirit is present in my artwork. I use mixed media collage to portray the realms we cannot see and their embodiment in nature and wildlife. My bold, dazzling works channel spirit to inspire solace, wonder and joy.

I am active in the local art community and my work has been featured at galleries and museums throughout Michigan including the Guild of Artists and Artisans in Ann Arbor and the Muskegon Museum of Art. I have also participated in several juried art fairs including the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Saline Craft Fair, Ann Arbor City Club Art and Craft Festival, the Kerrytown Sunday Artisan Market, and the West Side Art Hop.

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